100 WAYS TO THE PERFECT JOURNAL: Journal Used As A Planner

I was listening to Behind the Brilliance, by Lisa Nicole Bell. It’s my latest podcast crave and for good reason. I’ve pick up little gems from Bell and her interviewees.

On episode 77 she interviewed Maren Kate Donovan of Zirtual. Of course they talked about the rise and fall of Zirtual and the lessons learned from the experience. It’s a good show for entrepreneurs who may be afraid of failing.

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However, I am talking about Donovan on #100WTTPJ because she mentions in the interview, how she uses her journal. She uses her journal as a daily planner. Which is going to make #3 on our list of #100WTTPJ.

She said, “I have a notebook I use every day. And one side of it I have six boxes that I check, um that’s my morning ritual. And then I put one goal on the right hand side under the date and time for the day. And I focus on getting that goal done before anything else done.”

I liked this idea, and tried it. Of course I had to make some adjustments. On the left side I list my daily ritual. At least the things I would like to do on a daily basses. On the right side I put the date on the top of the page.  Then I list three goals I want to accomplish in that day. Next to each goal I put the time I want to start and underneath if needed, I put the things I needed to do to get the goal accomplished.


Turning your blank pages of your journal into a daily planner is good for those who are looking for the perfect planner. Although planners have come a long way, nothing beats having one that caters to your needs.


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