I needed a Moment from Xmas to Enjoy Christmas

I couldn’t get out of my mind what Liz said about how intense Christmas was as she juggled school and everything Christmas. She marked her friend who expressed excitement for finishing Christmas shopping online just in time for Wednesday delivery, the week of Christmas. Liz felt like people was just pushing through it, not enjoying it. “I feel like the holidays this is a perfect example, they just mesh into one big blur of nothing.” She said.

Oh yeah, by the way Liz is a comedian who makes special appearances on #girlboss radio with Sophia Amorusa, my latest podcast download. You may have heard of Sophia as the CEO and founder of Nasty Girl and New York Times Best Seller of #GIRLBOSS, a story about her becoming her own boss. By the way, Sophia who’s enjoying Christmas, said it’s “cozy time, family time, seeing people, and reflecting on the new year.”

I don’t know how I feel about Christmas right now. Of course there’s the combination of stress of getting things just right for that one day. Then there’s that moment where I feel like singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year,” by Andy Williams.

Reality is,Christmas is about Jesus, family, cozy times and love. Unfortunately, it has become very commercialized, sometimes cold as people move like robots on autopilot. Some, including myself have become conditioned to give and get no matter what. In my case, I hate shopping! But I gotta shop not matter what. We also can find ourselves torn between getting to see everyone, or at least acknowledging them with a text even if we don’t do it any other time of the year. It can get crazy. I so understand Liz point.

That’s why although it’s Christmas eve morning and I am quickly losing time to complete my shopping list I had to take a moment. I wanted to reflect on a Christmas and why I celebrate Jesus birth. Although I love receiving gifts on that day, I really had to be thankful for the best gift that we all could possible have. God giving His only Son. Not to get too deep, but I needed to stop and be thankful.

As I remind myself of God blessings I felt it would only be appropriate to share this moment with you. Hopefully you get some time away from the hustle and bustle of the season. If you can steal away a few moments to yourself, maybe you will come across this post and take a deep breath. Realize that if it did not get done it was not meant to be. If you forgot something, it’s okay. That you can’t be every where, but where you are you can give as much love and attention as it is needed. Remember your love ones and those who lost their love ones in prayer. Keep Christ in Christmas and embrace the blessing.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. I wish you and your family blessings during these holidays seasons. God bless.

  • Ava Griffith

    I apologize in advance to readers of non traditional faiths –
    cause I do want “too get deep!”

    We live in a 24/7 world, where time for self – is a rare commodity.
    A society far removed from the neighborhoods of our parents youth. When everything shut down on Sunday’s, and you had to do without whatever you forgot to purchase during the week. What a lesson of patience, organization and prioritizing that was. A time when commitment to faith, family and friends was the norm. Deals could be made on a handshake, because a neighbors word was their bond;
    and a promise meant something. A time of values and honor. When faith and tenacity were our bed fellows and elbow grease our tool of choice. Our testimony was shouted on corners, at pulpits, and under tents, with no shame. Praise and worship healed the Body, fed the Spirit and instructed the Soul. While fellowship provided opportunities for individuals to come together and create families and communities.

    Nowadays Sunday’s are another day to make the almighty dollar.
    To propel this roller coaster called LIFE. For most, worship or reflection of any kind is an inconvenience. And we certainly don’t take time out to acknowledge the Most High, our Advocate and Counselor, on a daily basis. Has no one noticed the consequence? It’s evident in the soulless eyes of our future – the next generation. A generation of opportunity and opportunist without merit. Who subscribe to . . . if it feels good, do it. Often lacking empathy, courtesy, or honor because they’ve decided they are not their brothers keepers, and that pleasing “oneself,” does not necessitate concern for others.

    I don’t know about you, but I am not anxious to reside in a future of “me” instead of “we.” A future where the endgame is the haves winning and obliterating the have nots. But it seems inevitable if we continue down this road of new age spirituality. Where the atheistic is the voice of the people, followed close by the agnostic. I’ve glimpsed the future and decided . . . I must “go too deep,” where ever and when ever I can. If not now, when? If not for Jesus – Who?

    • Ava, please don’t apologize for what you feel passionate about. I love to see responses that are “deep” with thought. Especially if my writing is the inspiration. I am proud when that happens. Because although I didn’t get deep, my words made you and probably others think. And that’s what my writing is all about.

  • I must say I have totally found myself pushing through Christmas instead of enjoying it these past few years. That’s why this year I decided to take the emphasis off of gifts in exchange for spending more time with family.

    • Anekia that sounds like a good plan, spending time with our love ones instead of gifts. Maybe that will be my gifts next year. Especially because I live so far from family we hardly get to see each other the way we would if I was back home in Brooklyn.