30 Layers 30 Days 2016


It’s back! GG of ALLTHEMANYLAYERS.com blog and her #30Layers30Days project. I participated last year. And I am watching the hashtag gain popularity again. As people are getting back into the swing of writing every day in November.

I know, you thought Iris is not about to get on that train again. Because it’s day three and she has not posted one single thing. Not on her blog, Instagram, facebook, nowhere. But you’re wrong. I thought about doing the challenge again but in my own way.  I did get a lot out of it the last time. And I enjoyed it, despite towards the end I had lost momentum and creativity.

But the great thing about these writing challenges is you can always put your spin on it. Make it your own. Work on your own time. So that’s what I will do.

I am not sure if you noticed, but a while back I decided to post on Thursdays. My thought was no matter how many post I will have ready, Thursdays I will publish them. It just works with my schedule. And so I won’t change it even for the challenge. Next, I decided to combine the prompts, into flash fiction. So, for example, this week I have the first three prompts that inspired this.

What writing challenges are you taken on this month? I would love to know. And please feel free to join me as I join GG in #30Layers30Days. For more information on how to be a part of  this writing challenge, go to GG’s Instagram.


The Prompts…



Photo Credit: Photo by GG edited by me.