#30Layers30Days 2016 Worth the Wait

Eyes wide opened | Worth the Wait | Cravings


For the first time in her life, June felt like her eyes were wide opened to something new. Although she was not sure what that meant for her.

Before that night when she sat in a room of supposed virgins and those who claimed their virginity again. She thought sex was a direct result of love.  A smirk would grace her face anytime the men in her life offer her gifts after making love. It was a clear indication of a job well done.

But now she sits in a room her friend invited her to.  Filled with men and women who have determined they’re worth the wait.  At least that’s what they say. Seem like every other person testified how God delivered them from themselves. Some of them even wore t-shirts that said, “I am Worth The Wait.”  This crowd was serious. And June was not sure if everything said or professed was the truth. But nonetheless, she went from bored to intrigued after her friend stood up.

“Praise the Lord, everyone.”

“Praise Him.” The crowd responded back.

“I just wanted to tell how good God is. I am new here, but since I’ve been coming to these bible studies, God has given me new desires.”

June looked around to the smiling faces. She noted this crowd was young and attractive. And there were just as many men as there were women. She then looked up at her friend. Whose eyes began to water, as she thanked the woman who sat in front, (facing the crowd) for inviting her.

June prayed for the first time.

“Lord, please don’t let her call me. No way I am standing up here introducing myself. What would I say? Hi, I am June and I love to have sex. Among the crowd who says I should wait. No, thank you. I don’t want to be stone to death.”

June took a deep sigh of relief when her friend sat down. And she made sure she didn’t make any eye contact with that woman. Anyone who can make Liz cry on the spot is someone I don’t want to mess with. June thought.

June was so wrapped up in her thoughts she didn’t even hear the crowd say amen. She just realized that they all began to mingle amongst themselves. Some of them left.

“So that’s it?” June said.

Her friend looked at her and smiled. “Well, you can always come back next week,” Liz said. Liz started to head towards the door. June followed.

“I am just asking.”

“Well, yes. Until next week.” Liz said. Still taking the tissue to wipe her eyes.

“So all these people here are virgins?” June could not think of what else to ask about during the car ride home. She wanted to thank Liz for not telling her to stand up. But she didn’t want to touch on the topic of her crying.

“Not all,” Liz said.

“But they’re celibate?”


“No. For real?”


“But what about those lonely nights? What about those cravings?”

  • Brittney AnDrea

    Oh I love this. And I can’t wait for Liz to respond !!

    • I am glad you enjoyed. To be honest I was going to make every story different. But if there’s a request, then the story must go on. lol. The next one will be next Thursday.