#30LAYERS30DAYS: I Admit That I am Addicted

I Admit That I am Addicted

I spent all day on this.

I wanted the right words.

I must have written over a thousand of them.

And not one combination seemed flawless.

I tried everything.

From reading out-loud , to reading backwards, to reading to someone else.

Each time the sound of crumbling paper followed the tap of my pen trying to find the rhythm.

Finally I took a deep breath.

Walked away.

I went to do something else.

Only to find myself back at it again.

I don’t even know why.

There’s no dead-line.

No publisher to answer to.

No Editor to find mistakes.

No one who would care to read it.

Yet, I spent all day on this.

Yeah I am addicted.

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  • Ava Griffith

    I see what ya did there – I like it!