#30LAYERS30DAYS: Never Real Always True

Trish couldn’t believe her eyes. She looked back for Lala, with hopes that she noticed ‘Mr. Your Not The Perfect Canvas’. It was clear with Lala’s big eyes and cheesy smile, that not only did she did not notice but she was preoccupied with the youth minister. So, she turned around and cleared her throat.

“Real cute.” She said. She didn’t know what else to say. Then she walked away.

“Don’t be like that.” He said. As he grabbed for her arm.

“Excuse me?” She pulled away from him, still conscious that she was in a church.

“Listen. I was not myself the other night.”

“I know and you want to apologize. I am good.”

“Good?” He said.

Trish walked outside heading towards the car, shaking her head.  ‘Mr. Your Not The Perfect Canvas,’ followed.

“So now you’re stalking me?”

“No I am not. Give me a second. You have every right to be upset. I was a complete ass.”

“Real nice, cursing two seconds out of the church.”

“We’ve all sinned.” He said, then gave her a look.

“Really?” She said.

“I am not judging you. Like the pastor said, we all deserve a second chance. When I saw you today, I had to try to apologize, again.

“What makes you think that I am interested in another night with you.”

“I don’t want another night with you.” He said.

She smiled, thinking to herself this dude is always slick with his mouth.

“Look, what we see and who we meet are never real at those parties. We didn’t even know each others names. Let’s just start from there. My name is Lance.”  He pulled his hand out for a handshake. Before she could consider shaking his hand; Lala came out of no where.

“And I am Lala, please to meet you.” She shook his hand, then stood between the odd couple. She clicked opened the car door with her remote control.

“Girl, you ready to go? I can’t wait to eat.” She said, walking around to the driver’s side.

“Yeah. I am ready.” Trish got into the car, trying not to give Lance any eye contact.

Lala pulled off. Trish sighed.

“Girl what’s wrong with you?” Lala said, as she tried to keep her eyes on the road and on Trish’s face.

“Nothing. You know who that was, right?”

“Girl yes. Of course. Isn’t that dude that tried to play you on Friday night, or I should say Saturday morning?”

“Yeah, isn’t it weird that he was at church today?”

“Yeah I guess but this is a small town, if you hang out often you’re bound to run into the same people.”

“Oh okay. For a minute I thought you knew him.”

“No I’ve seen him a few times at the church, but this was my first time seeing him at a party.”

“You didn’t tell me he was a church boy.”

“Well, he’s not so much of a church boy. He only comes a few times a year. I think he comes when his grandmother ask him to. Besides, who had time to tell you that he was anything when you up and left us girls with only a text of where you will be for the night. Your fast..”

“Okay, Lala.”

“Anyway, I know you’re not thinking about messing with him. I thought I was rescuing from the fool. Girl you should go with your first intuition it’s always true.”

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