#30LAYERS30DAYS: The Closer, The Better

The Closer The Better 



I am so close I can taste it.

I can feel the layers on my tongue.

I can eat it.



What’s better than this?

To be even closer.

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I have joined @GGReneeWrites in her November 2015 Writing Challenge, #30Layers30Days. Did you? Leave in the comment section where I can read your #30Layers30Days challenge. I would love to read your words. Need more information go here.

  • De’Nita Moss

    I wanted food and intimacy after reading this! Thanks for sharing. “I can feel the layers on my tongue.” <– what a concept! The layers of what we intake. Yum! Yuck! Yes! Yea!

    • Girl I love you! You get me, you understood the intimacy I have with food. lol

      • De’Nita Moss

        You get me! Thank you! I love my food :)!!!

  • Ava Griffith

    Lyrical Verbal Foreplay – Nothing Wrong Feeding Appetites.