#30LAYERS30DAYS: The Cycle Keeps Reapting

She stared at him as he laid with his eyes shut. She was pissed at what he said, even though she wasn’t sure what he meant by the perfect canvas. Who talks like that anyway? She thought. She sucked her teeth.

“You’re not all of that yourself.” She said.

He turned on his side and faced the window. She pulled the t-shirt over her head. Slid her petite body into her dress. Then picked up the t-shirt and threw it at him. She grabbed the rest of her things off the strangers floor and walked out. She was angry about his rudeness, but even more at herself. She had promised God, not to have any more one-night stands. It never ended well. Yet once again, she stood alone, on a strange street, waiting for a cab to take her home. Wondering when the wearisome cycle will end.



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  • Ava Griffith