#30LAYERS30DAYS: The Story With Layers is Completed


“You know, what’s most important to us is the cover story. How’s it coming along?”

“Well, you know it’s not that easy…”

“Wait a minute Trish. I don’t have time for excuses. This is the first time we are allowing someone new to handle the cover story, but I trust you. You can get the story, right?

“I can.”

“Good, I expect to see something by the morning?”

“Yes, Mr. Good.” Trish said, as she watched her boss walk to his office.

She sank into her seat wondering why hung out with Lala when she had work to do. She smiled as she thought about how much fun she had with Lance. Her body would still tingle with warm sensations whenever she had a flash-back of his body touching hers. That night for the first time, her sexuality was dominate. It was like she had an alter-ego. Her thoughts went back to when her hands was on his lower back. She mumbled, “I must go, as deep as I can go.” She woke up that morning  feeling like a different woman. She wasn’t sure what got into her, but she was loving it. She walked to the bathroom with only the glare from the street light in the room. She strut across the room watching the outline of her curves from her shadow. “Dam, I love my shadow,” she said.

Just then Mr. Good passed by her desk again. She looked up at Mr. Good with a fake smile, then looked down at her paper tapping her pen like she was working hard. However, she could not get her thoughts together.

She grabbed her bag and walked to the receptionist area.

“Lala, if I get any calls take a message.”


“Please, I just need to get some air.”

Trish went for walk in the park. It’s a small park across the street from the office, with a perfect garden view. Trish always go there for inspiration. She would sit there for hours, with her laptop on her favorite bench.

“They can’t hurt me now,” she typed a quote from the music mogul who she interviewed for the cover story. When nothing else came, she took her phone out and clicked through recent calls. She found the number with no name attached and stared at it. She closed her eyes and brought the phone to her ear. The phone rang for a while, she was about to hang-up when she heard.

“Well, hello.”

“Hi.” She said.

“So, This is a pleasant surprise. How can I help you?”

Trish sighed.

“Uhm. I just wanted to say, I forgive you.”

“Oh. Well, thank you?”

“You’re so sarcastic. Anyway, I thought about it and I should have let you apologize.”

“I see.” Lance said.

“Well, anyway. That’s it.” There was an uncomfortable pause between them.

“Well. What are you doing?” Lance said.

“Working on a story.”

“A story?”

“Yeah, I work for a little publication and they gave me the cover story.”

“Nice. Beautiful girl with a beautiful mind.” Trish started to blush. Then the words “not the perfect canvas,” came to her mind.

“Hmm. Are you sure about that?” She said.

“I thought we’re starting over?”

“You’re right.”

“Good. What about tonight?”

“I am not able to do tonight, I have work to do?”

“What about…”

“What about now?” Trish said.

“Now? I thought you was working.”

“Yeah. But, I am feeling stuck. I hate when I cannot move my thoughts to paper with ease.”

“Okay. Coffee?”

“Yeah. Coffee sounds good.”

Trish hung up the phone, packed up her things and waved down a cab. She texted Lala, ‘I am not coming back to the office today. I am going to try to finish this project at home.’ She didn’t want to lie to Lala, however,  she did not want Lala to know she was giving Lance a second chance.

Trish woke up it was 5:00 PM.

She looked around, the room was familiar. She smiled. It was Lance’s apartment but he wasn’t there. He walked into the room with a cup of coffee and smiled. He walked over to the bed and sat down.

“I thought you may have wanted that cup of coffee,” he said.

Trish took the cup smiling. Then she put the cup on the night stand.

“I got to go, but thank you,” she said.

Just then Trish phone rang. Lance picked up the phone off the floor and gave it to Trish.

“Looks like your friend is looking for you.” He said.

“Yeah.” She said. She pressed the volume down, then put the phone on the night-stand.  Lance, took that as a sign that he had her all to himself.  They kissed passionately. Trish thought about Lala and the rest of the girls.

If they see me this way,” she thought.


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