#30LAYERS30DAYS: This Heartache

I recall the days you smiled at me.

Singing, “We will be, Steppin, Steppin, Steppin.”

Teaching me how to be a lady.

It was the softness of your skin that made me enjoy kissing your cheek.

My lips would always sink in.

Without many words you taught me about; 


Roasted peanuts.

And how important it was to have my own.

Today things are different.

Who would have known.

I didn’t see it coming.


All of of a sudden you could not stand on your own.

Your few words turned into moans and groans.

I miss the old you.

I’m not sure if I can get use to the new fragile body that does not move.

I pray for your health, and well being.

My heartaches for you.

I can’t imagined what you’re feeling.

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  • Ava Griffith

    Unfortunately familiarity evolves with time creating a new “normal.” Change/Different can be painful. Eloquently written.

    • Yes. I don’t mind change as long as it make things better. I’m selfish that way. But I understand and yes it’s painful. Thanks for your comment.