#30LAYERS30DAYS: Under The Covers

She sat down with her back against her headboard, took a deep breath and sighed. Thoughts of last nights encounter kept flowing through her head. She grabbed her eye-glasses off the nightstand, grabbed her journal and pen. She began…

November 19, 2015

The one-night stand I love to hate.

So about last night. It was crazy. I let my girls convince me to hang out, when I knew I had work to do. I met some fool. Yet I can’t get him out of my head. He did things.  And I felt things, I never felt before.

I would say that it was luck, but something tells me it was one of his playful skills. I had multiple organisms that still gives me a chill. His lips, his touch, his warm chest against my heart…

She allowed her thoughts to revisited the most intimate places the stranger took her.  Then she slid under the covers to comfort herself.

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  • Ava Griffith

    Say what now . . .

    • How she comforts herself is all in the reader’s imagination.