Hi, I am Iris Kirkland. I am a writer based out New York, and a Hunter College Alumna with a Bachelors in Journalism. After school, I felt the pressure to get a real job, instead of pursuing my dream as a writer.

I developed an online magazine; it didn’t take off as planned. After several job rejections in my field, and internships with no connections, I caved. That’s when a real job: work with a steady paycheck, looked enticing.

Ten years later, my heart skipped a beat. I woke up from this terrible nightmare; I never became a writer. Instead, my days consist of working, coming home to rest and working again. It was mundane and depressing. The only problem was, this was no nightmare, this was my life.

The thought of not living my best life haunted me.

So, I did what anyone else would do. I decided to chase my dreams again. Soon I realized, how much things changed. More importantly, I noticed how much I had changed. I was no longer the same bubbly twenty-something year old pruned for success. Things were different, but one thing remained the same. I still wanted to write.

So, I got over my fear. I got a blog. And, now my whole life is about writing, creating, learning, and living. I share the journey, here on LADYIWRITES, with candid anecdotes. This is my story: I am the lady, with a dream deferred, and audacity to start over.

What’s yours?