Chrisette Michele’s Journey to “Better”

I’ve loved this girl from the time she introduced herself in a soulful album“I AM Chrisette Michele.” I can relate to the church girl from Brooklyn, with a baby face and real women’s issues.

Her words seem to come from the pages of my life. As she talked about what love looks like for a “Good Girl.” And the wisdom to know things will “Be Okay” after a failed relationship. I remember it like it was yesterday. “Blamed it on Me,” I sang in the privacy of my car. As I envisioned telling the latest dude he could blame everything on me, just as long as he leaves me alone.

Back then she wore her hair long and her clothes modest. She had a glow that revealed certain innocents. Yet, she approached the world where sex sells and became the voice for good ole’ fashion love songs.

She went on a hiatus after 2010’s “Let Freedom Reign” album, leaving her fans with, “I’m A Star.” I still like getting dressed to this song. The beat bouncing off the walls, while I’m putting my heels on. I begin to me sing, “baby, I’m a star tonight.”

Michele told “Rolling Out” magazine she stepped away from the media, not the music. “I’m big on taking some time off to figure things out,” she said. Her album “Better” is the result of her healing, processing and finding her way. Now she is back with “earned” tattoos, vegan lifestyle, and a new hairdo.

On June 11, 2013, S.O.B Summer Splash New York hosted an intimate night on the Luxury Infinity Yacht. Michele’s family, friends and fans came out to celebrate her comeback. A proud mom, Lynette Payne, introduced Michele as the “best singer” out right now.

Confident Chrisette Michele grabbed the microphone and the attention of eager men and women. She seemed excited about life. As she warned her audience that she’s better and will have to sing “Blame it On Me” with a smile. Soon the crowd was like a mass-choir as they sung along word for word. She was in awe. “Y’all going to make me cry,” she said.

“I am Leaving” and “Be Okay,” took Michele’s fans down memory lane. Then she performed new songs. “Charades” (featuring 2 Chainz) and “A Couple of Forevers,” had the crowd hooked. She was a lot of fun. She interacted with her fans, shared a few stories, and even gave God all the glory with a big “hallelujah.”

It was cool to see her sing “Rich Hipster” (featuring Wale). She pulled a fan on stage to dance. The woman wore what look like a home made T-shirt, tattoos and converse. Just like the song described Rich Hipsters to be.

As the night came to an end, the boat pulled into the dock and the crowd came down off a musical high. Everyone chatted about their best moments of the night. It was clear Chrisette Michele did it again. She defined her “Better” as a woman who has come into her own. And once again, I felt I could relate. I smiled at the thought of how much I will play this album.

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