Chrisette Michele’s Milestone


On June 10, 2016 Chrisette Michele’s 5th album “Milestone,” hit the stores. And I am excited. So forgive me if I ramble a bit about Chrisette Michele’s “Indy” ways and “Black Girl Magic.”

Fun, upbeat,  soulful, jazzy, playful, romantic, energetic, exuberant, organic, smooth, provocative, earthy sounds. “Milestone,” is a collaboration of Michele’s well known gift of story-telling and smooth melodies. Combined with beats that will have your head bobbing and your girls turned up on ladies night.

I’ve been playing this album non-stop. In my car, walking Mr. B, cooking, cleaning, lounging, etcetera . It’s been my go to summer album for the year.  And if it was vinyl, surely  I would have scratched it by now.

There’s so many things to love about this album. But I am just going to focus on a few songs that I have on repeat.


Untitled design (11)

#1 Diamond Letter 

The first few lines are my favorite. Yeah I’m writing you a letter / With the diamond on my finger / No, you never did me bad/ Someone else can do me better.

#2 Steady 

This will have girls night turned up. The beat is fire.

#5 Unbreakable 

I had fun on Snap Chat with this one. Lip singing… I’m the wifey everyday / Rock upon the finger ring / You could try to get between / But daddy coming home to me. [ Insert grill face here.]

#8 Equal 

There’s so many reasons why I love this song. First, because I missed having the Chrisette Michele & Rick Ross collaboration. Second, before I even knew the story behind “Equal” I knew it had to come from real life. The words are raw. I related to them so well I wondered why I have not thought of them myself.

#9 These Stones 

Is for anyone who ever had trolls on there social feed. Just tell them, “if no one told you you’re beautiful today, then go put on some lipstick.” Yes, lipstick. She’s funny.

#10 Indy Girl 

Although Ms. Michele will soon be Mrs. she didn’t forget her single ladies. In a song perfectly named “Indy” for the independent women she talks about the woes of being lonely.

#12 Reinvent The Wheel (Featuring Mali Music)

There’s layers to this one. But the reason I like it so much is because it takes me to a place of spiritual connection. I just close my eyes and imagine breaking the wheel and challenging myself to do what I am afraid of. While asking God for continuous flow of His fresh anointing.

Like I said, I am having fun with this album. If you want to learn more about Chrisette Michele and her “Milestone” go to her website RICHHIPSTER.


P.S. Photos was taken of the actual album cover by me.