Defining My Blog’s Success: He Called It Oxymoron, I Call it My Utopia

“So you’re a writer?” He said.

“Yes. I have a blog,” I said.

“Really, what do you blog about?” He said.

“My life as a writer.” I said.

“Isn’t that, an oxymoron?”He said.

I took a moment. I couldn’t believe he who hardly knew me and knew even less about my writing, came up with one word to describe my blog: oxymoron. Without reading one line, he decided that my blogging concept was lacking the fundamentals to be successful. Without my request, he stood with his arms folded, like a Professor with expertise in blogging, he began.

“There are many bloggers in the world to compete with,” he said.

Me…. (silent)

“It would take something special to stand out from the crowd,” he said.

Me…. (silent)

“Maybe you could write mini stories of what you see when you people watch,” he said.

His list of suggestions continued, until I told him that my readers were good. Those who got it, like it, and maybe he should read it to understand.

He then asked what my readership numbers were.

Me…. Urgh.

I suppressed the conversation, until recently. The New Year always makes me reevaluate life, with questions like… What I am going to do different? What do I want to accomplish? How am I going to accomplish it?

That’s when memories of the conversation reared their ugly head. Although I was somewhat uncomfortable receiving advice from some random person, I can now appreciate the conversation. It made me ask myself  two questions I don’t think I really thought about before.

What’s the point?  & What does success looks like?

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The truth is, whenever we pursue anything in life we should ask the question, what’s the point? What’s the main purpose in doing what we do? Is it for fame, money, attention, to explore our passions, do we do it for the love of it? Or, all the above? Once you know the point, you can answer the question, what does success looks like? It’s important to know what success looks like in your world. So, you don’t have to feel unsuccessful by other people’s definition.

To be honest, I’ve invested so much in this blog, that I would never shy away from having millions of readers, big sponsors, and awards. However, the main purpose of this blog was to get me back in-love with writing. Given that I write everyday, and I have to remind myself to stop to take care of other things in my life, I think it’s been successful. I also use this blog to define the type of writer I am. Every week that I publish and interact with my readers contributes to my understanding. My blog is a way for me to sort out my thoughts, practice writing, challenge myself, and chronicle my dreams as they unfold. Every time I do, it solidifies the success of my blog is not in accolades. It’s not even in the money.

One thing Mr. Oxymoron did get right, there’s plenty of competition out there. However, he failed to understand my purpose is not to compete, it’s to write. For a lady who loves to write, my blog is my utopia, and that’s success.

  • Kristin Kimble

    As always, your post resonates with my life!! I think it’s awesome that you took in the conversation and came to your own resolution about your blog and what it means for you! I feel you, especially when you say your blog is to practice writing and is your utopia!! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you Kristin!!! I am glad that my writing resonates with you. I love to hear that people can relate to my words or they are inspired. Thank you for reading and sharing the love.