Girl Lost In The City By Emma Gannon

I love Girl Lost in The City, by Emma Gannon. If it was a book it would be a page turner. However, it’s a blog about a girl who doesn’t seem lost at all. Actually, she’s more of the confident, type. The award-winning blogger, works for British GLAMOUR  as a social media editor. She’s published in the digital world at Thought Catalog, Time Out – London, and Huffington Post, to name a few.

Emma Gannon
Photo Credit: Photo Provided By Emma Gannon

I came across Gannon’s blog, while working on a few technical glitches with mine. During my research I saw the theme for WORDPRESS, ADELLE. I’ve seen it used a few times by bloggers, with its pink polka-dots and black menu-bar that screams generic. However, “Girl Lost in The City” stood out from the other blogs. Gannon got rid of those pink polka-dots and the cheesy menu-bar. I clicked on the site to get a better visual. Titles like, “Are You a Writer or a Blogger,” and “Podcast That I Love,” instantly  grabbed my attention. With her simplistic style and authentic voice, I read her blog with ease. It was only after reading and commenting on several posts,( four days in a row) I realized I am kinda addicted.

I read many blogs. I have my share that I like. However, this was the first one that I felt so in-tune with, in a long time. I was so engrossed, I felt compelled to do a review, of sorts.

So, what I like so much about “Girl Lost In The City,” by Emma Gannon? Well for one, she’s a writer, not just a blogger. It’s really as simple as that. If I had to explain it further, I would use her words:

…we would never have seen an advert on the side of Shakespeare’s

manuscripts, or a plea from Syvlia Plath to ‘comment on my Facebook page’ following her pained poems. In fact, I’m sure they wouldn’t have cared less about the online discussion surrounding their work.

They wrote because they loved to write. Not with the intention of capitalizing on their audience. For all they knew, there was no audience… — Emma Gannon

Now of course Gannon knows there’s an audience, she wouldn’t have written Y U Unfollow Me, if she didn’t. However, her writing feels like it’s coming from a writer who loves to write. It flows so well it feels like she’s speaking with her friends.

Although we are a generation apart, I still feel like she’s talking to me.  Maybe it’s because I see myself in the Millennial girl, before I conformed to the status quo of an adult: a person with a steady job, with health benefits. I remember the days when I too had to defend my generation against the naysayers who didn’t understand that Generation X wasn’t bad, just different. The cycle continues, and Gannon has not conformed. Instead she defends the Milliennials with her writing, and she sets an example of how there’s not just one way to success.

She’s writing her first book, “Ctrl, Alt; Delete: How I Grew Up and Stayed Sane Online.” She developed a brand formula PERSONAL BRANDING” = BEING YOU + BEING AWESOME, which she embraces herself as a brand without indulging in what she calls, “Personal Brand Snobbery.” It has worked in her favor, as she constantly grows with 16.5K followers on Twitter, and 3,762 followers on Instagram.

I can truly say Gannon's blog resonates with me. Click To Tweet

To say I read every single post thoroughly and loved it, would be extra, and somewhat of a kiss-ass. However, I can truly say Gannon’s blog resonates with me. I can relate to the girl lost in the city, the digital city. Where the writer in me learns quickly, it’s not only words that matter; but without words nothing matters.

So, in short. I am really digging this blog. If you get a chance, check out some of Gannon’s random, sometimes unexpected thoughts at and let me know what you think.