I Have No Words

I am at a lost for words.

I know for a writer, that’s impossible. But today I don’t know what to say. Everyone is sharing their take on this morning news, and how it affects them. Just like every other morning. When the news is about another Black person gun down, killed and discarded. The world speaks on their platforms small and large, pointing out the obvious. Being Black in America, hurts.

But after the sun goes down today, will we continue to do business as normal? Or will we work towards solutions to stop stories like this? The reality is I have plenty to say if you want to talk about racism that haunts me and my family. About cops, and how I feel about working with them. To how I feel when I am being stopped by them. To how I feel when I want mine to come home.

I have plenty of stories to share. But I am numb. So I won’t today. And besides, I think you got enough to be angry about. I know I do.

I am frozen in a sea of blood, tears, fear and confusion.

And I don’t know what to do. I just don’t know what to do. Please somebody, tell me what do we do. Because if I want to talk right now. If I want to have words to say. It would be…

“I have a solution.”

“We can do… ”

“If we do…”

But since I can’t finish those sentences, I have no words to say.


Please Pray.

  • Me either. I kinda just stopped writing about it unless I feel I have something new to say.

    • I hear you Dara. It’s just getting overwhelming to talk about such painful issues without solutions.