I unsubscribed To Your Mailing List, Here’s why.

Do you ever sign-up to a mailing list and have in mind what to expect? I do all the time. I usually join a mailing list because it has something of value or a good dose of inspiration. I won’t sign up if it’s understood the email I will receive is just a faster way to connect to buy items. So when it gets like that, I unsubscribed.

I recently unsubscribed to a few emails filling up my inbox. You know the question they ask if there’s a reason why? Well, they don’t actually give you enough room. But if I would respond this is what I would tell those who wonder why they lost me as a subscriber.


I unsubscribed. Here’s why.


I dislike the way society has overloaded us with commercials. I don’t even listen to regular radio nowadays because I don’t want to hear a line-up of ads. I am a podcast girl now, to a selected few, with limited or no advertisement. And TV, well if it’s not on “DVR” or “On Demand,” I don’t watch it. I do my best not to get overloaded with “buy me signs.” Its bad enough I have to consume it at times while driving. Or that they pop-up in the side-bar of my emails. Or even worst when they pop-up in my social feed like they’re my friends. There’s always someone telling me why I should spend my hard earn money on what they are selling. It can be overwhelming and to the tell the truth, it’s annoying.


Then I open my email. The one from you. The one I signed up to because you inspired me, and offered substance. You made me want to stay connected. It may have been because you encouraged me that I can do anything I put my mind to. Then one day it felt artificial. Like your inspiration came wrapped up in a ticket for sale.  When I didn’t buy, your emails became a bit more personal, you used my first and last name. And one day you did the ultimate violation. You told a story like you use to. One I can relate to. Only to tell me to buy one of your new courses.


I can’t knock your hustle. That’s what makes you great in this game. I guess. I am sure it’s what brings home the coins. And put food on your plate for you and your family. But sometimes I wish there’s a better way for you to market yourself. Like a link on your website for all your products, classes, and books. And just maybe you can leave the emails for a more personal touch. Maybe emails can be just for what you said it was when I signed up. Just to stay connected.


I digress. In no way,  I’m suggesting you changed your format. Especially if it works for most of your subscribers. Don’t feel any obligation to me. I am just one who decided to clean out my mail box recently and you were one who was on my unsubscribed list.  


  • I totally understand where you’re coming from and I’ve had to unsub from quite a few newsletters for similar reasons as you. I think there needs to be a healthy balance of the type of content you send to your email list. If you sell products/services like I do then you know your email list is the best way to share with people what you have to offer. I try really hard to not be salesy because I don’t like to be sold to. However I understand that many people won’t go to your website if they’re on your email list so you have to “sale” them on the services that could benefit them.

    Great read!


    • Hey Siobhan,

      Thanks for your ideas. I do believe there should be a balance too. I know you can not go without using your email list to promote yourself. However, it can be annoying when every email is about the sale. Especially when that was not what I signed up for. Thanks for reading and your comments.