I Want To Write A Book

I always wanted to write a book. However, there’s wanting to write a book. And then there’s wanting to write a book. Let me explain.

The writer in me felt like writing a book is the most natural thing to do. At least the most natural thing to say I want to do. It made sense for someone who loves to write, to write a book. To tell a story, be it fiction or real-life. Or to write a motivational piece. Whatever the topic is, just write it. Then make it official and bind the pages together. Put a price on it. Ask people to buy it. Or even better get the publisher to do the binding, graphics and stuff like that. Get an agent to get the publisher. But as a writer, why not write a book, it’s natural, right?

So, I would write, then stop. I would start writing again, then stop again. I would read something that would spark an idea. I would write. Then the inspiration would fade along with my words. Frustrated. I would close my laptop. And tell people, “yeah, one day I will write a book.”

I remember when my husband IK and I was dating. He bought me two books about writing. He was listening. I must have said I wanted to write a book. Or, I might have said, “I am a writer.” He’d asked, what I want to write. And most likely I was in my “I’m going to be a best-selling author mood.” The mood I’m in when I want to impress. And it must have worked because the next time we met, he had invested in the world’s future best seller.

I do want to write a book. However, in recent days the need to write a book is different. Not because it’s normal goal for a writer. Not because everyone assumes it’s the next thing after starting a blog. Not even for the hand clapping, smiles and accolades. Or the money. I want to write a book because I have a story to tell. Something I would like to read myself. And something I would like to share. I hope others would read it. If they can relate and find inspiration, that would be cool too. But, I want to write a book, simply because I am a writer who’s ready to create.

So, I’ve been writing lately. Sorry, it’s not been here on the blog. But I have been creating this story. And it’s been taking up a lot of my time. And I am invested in the characters. The more I get to know these characters the more I am intrigued to tell their story. The more intrigued I become the more it feels just right. Writing a book that is. And the words are coming together like never before.

Only one thing. I got to figure out a way to divide time between writing my book, the blog and newsletter. And of course, everything else that’s important in my life.  Like, being a wife, big sister, daughter and friend. Oh yeah being momma to Mr. B.  And doing those things I wish I didn’t have to do, like house chores. And somewhere between all this, I need to get a little “me-time,” sigh. If that’s possible.

It will all come together. I just have to find my rhythm. It will be interesting to see it come together. Because although I have faith, I am sure I will have challenges. I can imagine the stories that will come from this journey. As I try to write a thousand words a day for my debut novel.