I’m Guilty, I Binged-Watch #LukeCage this Weekend

Let me start by saying, I blame @LisaNicoleBell of Behind the Brilliance for this. #LukeCage Click To Tweet

Let me start by saying, I blame Lisa Nicole Bell of Behind the Brilliance for this.

I don’t do this kind of thing. I’ve heard of people spending their weekend binge watching a Netflix flick. But, me, I don’t have that kind of time. The most I will do is listen to a few podcast while cooking or cleaning.

Until this past weekend.

It all started on my last day of work. I was driving home listening to my podcast line-up. Thinking about how I will take the next two days to play catch up on my writing.

I listened to an interview Lisa did with Simone Missick. I never heard of Simone Missick. Or  Netflix’s Marvel. But by the end of the interview, I was searching Netflix for some series called “Luke Cage.” It’s the latest Netflix buzz. And a story with “TV’s first Black female Superhero.”

One of the things I like about Lisa’s interviews is she tends to give her interviewees time to tell their story. And Simone did. By the time the interview was complete, I became a supporter. She was an inspiration to my life. A wife, actress, and woman whose faith brought chills down my arm, to name a few of her super powers. And when she talked about “kicking ass” in this new series. And how cool it was. I was like, a Black woman superhero, is pretty cool.

I decided to give the show a chance to see @SimoneMissick play, Shero. #LukeCage Click To Tweet

So I started watching Luke Cage. At first, I was looking for a woman in a sexy body suit and a big afro. And guess what? There was no woman with a big afro or body suit. I have to admit I was kind of disappointed. The whole reason I decided to give the show a chance was to see Simone Missick play, Shero.

Now, let me explain. I know this show comes from a comic book. But I don’t read comics. So I had no idea what to expect. Besides Simone’s character wearing an afro and slaying in a body suit, I was clueless. So by the time I got halfway through the season I decided to google Simone Missick. I wanted to know what she looked like. I wanted to be sure the same woman playing Misty Knight was the same woman on the podcast. She was.

That’s when I gave up on the idea of ever seeing her do more than play a detective with a sassy mouth. She wasn’t Wonder Woman. And she wasn’t going to spin out of her business suit into a superhero suit to save the world. At least not this season. No matter how much I was waiting for it.

But I was okay with that. Because as the story progressed I started to love some characters and hate others. And on occasion, my mouth would drop when a character I thought had value was no longer needed. I became invested when Misty played by Simone (the woman I’ve grown fond of) began to get on my nerves. She was trying to take down Luke Cage. And I was like the rest of Marvel’s Harlem characters when they cheered for Luke to win the battle with the bad guy. Luke Cage, could-do-no-wrong. He was just an average Black man, who lived his life as a respectful citizen. Until someone set him up and the system he once worked for failed him.

Before I knew it, I was on my second day watching @LukeCage. #LukeCage Click To Tweet

Before I knew it, I was on my second day watching Luke Cage. And my husband asked again, did I get any writing done. And I was like, “no, I spent my time cleaning and cooking.” It was the truth. I had washed, fold, and put away all the clothes. Made his favorite dinner. And clean, clean, clean, and clean some more. I did more housework, watching Luke Cage than I ever did listening to a podcast.

By the ninth episode, I realized I’d gone on a binge-watching-escapade. But I could not stop watching it. I was kind of mad at the writers for keeping me on the hook. Each episode left me with the desire to let Netflix do its countdown and smooth transition to the next show. By episode thirteen, it was bitter-sweet. I was no longer trapped in the world of binging. And I could get back to my writing. But there were no more shows. And I wanted more.

I didn't know you were into comics? He said. I'm not. But I'm into @LukeCage, I said. #LukeCage Click To Tweet

I told everyone who would listen, they must watch this show. To my surprise, I was the one late to the party. One guy said he didn’t know I was into comics. “I’m not,” I said. “But I’m into Luke Cage.” And this woman filled me in on what felt like a secret. She was like, “that detective becomes a superhero.” I looked at her as if she was one of the writers and I was about to get the inside scoop. She said, “do you remember the last scene, how she’s dressed?” I shook my head. “Well, that’s somewhat how she’s going to look like as a superhero,” she said.
I smiled. My girl, (friend in my head) is going to transform? Yes. She’s going to give me all kinds of girl-power and Black girl magic. And I am going to have another Luke Cage binge party. But this time, I will prepare. I will get the popcorn and red wine out. More like strong soda. Maybe even some friends. And binge in style this time. I can’t wait.

Credit: Story pictures are still frames from the show at a click of a button on my iPhone.