My Manifesto For 2017

createherstock-HER-harbor-grace-photography-43This is my life and I promise myself and God to live it to the fullest. I promise to love, laugh, and eat well, to dance at random, and breathe deep breaths. I am a God-fearing woman with a good heart, sexy, smart, savvy, honest, loving human being. Always learning, growing, and discovering new awesome things about myself and about life.
What I know so far is, God is real. My relationship with Him is real. And it’s not based on others definition of God or religion. Through Him, I can do all things, no matter what life brings. Good, bad, or indifferent, it’s all working out for my good. Even when I am being human, and my humanity fails me, I am victorious through Christ who lives in me.
And all my dreams and aspirations that used to feel so far-fetched are closer now than ever before. Now that I have faith the size of a mustard seed and more. I am living my best life. Doing things I want to do. Making bold decisions that will keep me excited about what life has to offer. Putting fear in its rightful place, in the corner. I won’t allow anything or anyone to overpower me and make me succumb to a mundane state of mind. I will be decisive, strong and deliberate with my truth. Understanding that what may be true for me today may not be true for me tomorrow, and that’s okay. It’s okay if I change my mind. Because I am evolving into a better human being that’s created to be great and to create great things.
Out of all the great things I will create, love will be the greatest. And with love, I will live a fulfilled life and help others around me do the same.
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