My Mom Visit

I live about two hours away — give or take —from my mom. It’s not too far, but far enough that when she comes she treats it like a mini vacation. Most of the time she comes with her crew: Wesly her dog, and my sister. It’s cool. But it was cooler that she came alone this time. My mom came up to visit last week, and for the first time in a long time, I had my mother all to myself. And I loved it.

We talked. Watched TV with our feet up. Talked some more. Went out to eat, to the movies. We did more talking. Cooking. Well, I cooked, she ate and talked. I gave her the last book I read like she does when I come to her house. Everything was sweet. She even went the extra mile and helped me with things around the house — without fussing too much — thank you, mommy. I try hard to have things just right when she visits. With hopes, she does not feel the need to do anything. But I am not perfect and mothers can’t help themselves.

Anyway, my mom spending quality time with me was perfect. It was like a baby swaddled in a warm blanket. A hug. And it gave me much-needed downtime and mommy-time that I didn’t realize I needed. Yes. I am a grown woman still in need of mommy-time.

Who would have known?


To my mother and all mothers,

Happy Mother’s Day.

  • Ava Griffith

    One on one Mom time dripping with TLC, is ALWAYS good for the soul!

    • I know now and I might have to schedule that in every once in awhile.