Q&A’s With Ladyi: How to take my blog to the next level?


Hi Iris!

I’ve been really trying to think of how to take my blog to the next level and do different projects, challenges etc. Could you extend some advice in this area?

Kristin Kimble, “The Dating Minister”

Hey Kristin,

I am glad to share some ideas. I think you should always do something that you want to see happen. Something you can get excited about…

Anyway, for your topic, “dating minister,” you should do something like 20 dates in a row. To make if fun you can date all kinds of people. But keep it true to who you are. These stories would certainly have your readers on the edge of their seats. As you described each date in detail. From the time you put your lip-gloss on, to the time you kicked off your shoes at the door. I know I would love to read it.