REVIEW: The BOX – HOUSE HOTEL, Industrial, Chic in Brooklyn

I googled “unique hotels in Brooklyn,” and The Box House Hotel popped up. Of course, I didn’t want to pick the first hotel I saw. My husband IK, taught me the value of shopping around. However, nothing stood out more than the chic rooms that look like apartments. The Box-House Hotel was definitely different. So, I decided to go with my first instincts, beautiful pictures, and the online reviews.

Where should I begin? Well, we got there late Thursday night. It was dark and the streets seem isolated. When we pulled up to the building, Siri said, “You’ve arrived at your destination.” IK said, “where the heck you’re taking me?” For a minute, I was wondering the same.

Then we walked in. It was a different world. Bright, vibrant colors filled the space, that seem larger than life. Smiling faces greeted us. I asked IK to step to the side while I talked to the concierge who informed me everything was set.  I had no idea that meant there would be wine and a birthday card signed by the staff in our room. That was a sweet gesture.

We walked to our room which was in the back, up three floors. I got plenty exercise, in those two days. The gentleman who helped us with our bags explained they’re working on getting elevators.

We entered the room, well the box house that is. IK had a smile on his face when he walked in. I made him smile for his birthday. Yes. That’s all I wanted, so whatever happened after that was going to be icing on the cake.

Now, from Thursday night to Saturday morning we lived in our new home. The reviews did not disappoint. For the most part, I wished we could have a place like it in Brooklyn. But, nothings perfect. Here’s what I liked, didn’t like, and was indifferent about.


This place is gorgeous. Just like the pictures on their website, the mini apartments were immaculate and chic. IK explained it as kinda “bougie” but the bougie I knew he liked.

We had the loft room with a terrace. It was on the third floor, which was great for privacy. It was only one other apartment on that floor and we were not next to it. We walked into our space, that felt like one can call home. It had the perfect blend of antique and contemporary art. There were hardwood floors everywhere, except the bathroom which had subway tiles. Plenty of closet space. A full kitchen with all the essentials. A living room with comfortable chairs and large flat screen TV. Eating area for four people. Plenty of windows for great natural light. And a staircase that led to up to the bedroom that looked over the open space.


There’s nothing like excellent customer service. It can take any experience to the next level if done right. The staff at The Box House hotel got it right. They were courteous, patient and helpful, my entire stay. No matter what time I called, how many times I called, what questions I had, I never felt rushed or that I was a bother. These guys answer all my questions and they never seemed irritated.


If you’re a smoker, this hotel is not for you. However, it was perfect for me and IK who don’t smoke and who hate having to try to get away from those who do. I loved that you could not smoke anywhere in the hotel, not even in your own rooms.


We had to park on the street. That’s never fun. However, I have to say the worst part of parking on the street was the mere thought.  It actually wasn’t bad. We found parking on the same side as the hotel.  Matter of fact, we parked in the same spot right next to the hotel each time. A nice touch was when the concierge asked us our car information so they can keep an eye on our vehicle.


I never been to a hotel where there was no phone in the rooms. Not having a phone in my room was strange and I didn’t like it. I don’t want to have to use my cell phone to get in contact with the concierge or the restaurant. This was a big NO, NO, for me.



We never got a chance to eat their food, so I have no comment. However, it was not convenient to order room service. I was in bed when I thought about having a little breakfast. I couldn’t find the menu, (which later I found downstairs). So, I called the front desk and asked them to transfer my call to the restaurant, they couldn’t. I thought it was strange, and more so an inconvenience.


I called some friends and family over for ice-cream and cake. I told the staff that I will have a few guests over. I also needed them to let my mother and sister in the room while I was away to set-up. They accommodated me and my family with no problems. They never charged me for extra people in the room, and they never gave me a limit. We had 8 guests for our gathering and everyone was comfortable.


If you’re looking to travel with your four leg companion, this hotel would not work for you. Mr. B had to go to my mother’s house.


The hotel was near trains, buses, several restaurants, grocery stores, and Manhattan. Everything that you can think of was nearby. They also provided a courtesy cab for any place you wanted to go in a 1-mile radius.


Okay, the hotel had a few noise problems. Of course, in the big city, I expect some street noise. I didn’t mind that at all. However, the pipes that gave the apartment its industrial look made noise. It could be annoying if you’re trying to sleep.

Then one morning we woke up big thump. It was 3 something.  We had no idea what it was. I grabbed my cell phone and called the front desk. They explained the heat was turning on. I was okay with getting heat, I wasn’t okay that it woke us up. It was only after the second day I found out that if you put something heavy on top of the heater it would prevent the noise. They also explained that our room ran on electricity and could contribute to the noise as well. Either way, it wasn’t pleasant.



BATHROOM — I am used to having little things like shower cap, floss, maybe a toothbrush if ya fancy. But, all we had was soap. It was good smelling soap. But it was just soap. Liquid soap for our hands, that looked like something I bought from CVS. And plenty of shampoo and bath gel that reminded of a fancy spa. However, they do get brownie points for providing me with toothpaste when I asked. Silly me, forgot my toothpaste at home.

SNACK BAR — We did have water bottles stashed in the refrigerator for us. Plus a bottle of wine to celebrate IK’s birthday.  The snack bar and other drinks available at an extra cost.


Like I said before, IK smiled Which was the icing on the cake for me. I was happy to have chosen this place. Would I go there again? Yes. I would ask for a room that is not run by electricity, but I will definitely go again. Especially with a staff that makes you feel at home.


These are my honest opinions and experiences I had at The Box House Hotel. There has not been any compensation for this review.