She Thinks She’s The Cat’s Pajamas

She thinks she’s the Cat’s Pajamas,” he said.

We were watching an episode of Ink Master. It looks pretty good this year. They made a lot of drastic changes to the show, and it looks like it’s going to be fun and intense.

Glued to the TV, we watched Team PECK & Team NUNÉZ develop. They kept everyone on the edge of their seats as they sent people home in the middle of tattooing. Talk about spicing things up with a real confidence breaker. However, one thing remained the same. There were various contestants with extreme behavior. Some came with their cattiness, bad attitudes, and others where cry babies. My husband and I, like usual, found characters we liked and disliked.

So, out of no where, he called her the “Cat’s Pajamas.” He said, she thinks she knows everything but she has not proven herself yet. I laughed. I repeated the words, “Cat’s. Pajamas.” It didn’t sound familiar. That’s when I said, ” you’re old school,” because I didn’t know what he was talking about. He explained it was something his grandfather said.  On another note, I wished I met his grandfather. He seemed like a cool dude full of fun quotes. Sometimes after listening to stories about him, I can’t help to think, he also had quite of an imagination.

But Mr. IK assured me that this was not some creative way his grandfather talked, and he dared me to google it. I did. And there it was, Cat’s Pajamas: an excellent person or thing. Well, once again grandpa impressed me and I learned something new.

The next morning.

I said, “The Cat’s Meow. I’ve heard of Cat’s Meow.” Mr. IK googled it right away. And there it was The Cat’s Meow: another way to say The Cat’s Pajamas. We both learned something.

I love learning about old phrases. It’s cool to see how our dialect has changed over the years. So I had to share that with you. Do you guys know any cool old phrases?




  • Ava Griffith

    Purrrrfectly Charming.

    • Thanks Ava for letting me know the fancy way of saying perfect. Purrfect!