The 40/40 Bucket List

I turned 38 and thought to myself, the BIG 4-0 is around the corner.

I never had a bucket list before. Now for some strange reason, the idea of writing down things I want to do (even if it scares me) seems like a good idea. I have to be honest. I revised this list several times. I found myself adding something daring like making a million dollars, then I erased it. I added the boring task of getting a morning routine, then I deleted it.

I kept thinking about what my list would say about me. That’s when I realized I needed to add: Become a woman who does not care what other’s think, to the list. I did.

So here’s the unedited version of somethings I want to do in the next couple years.

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  1. Become a Woman who does not care what others think: Unfortunately I do, sometimes.
  2. Create a Bucket list:  At least 40 things I  want to do by 40.
  3. Have a better relationship with God: I want a stronger prayer life and a better understanding of the bible.
  4. Find a Church: When I was younger I went to church all the time. Now I am not going at all. It would be nice to find somewhere for me and my husband to go.
  5. Have child(ren): Family and friends always ask my husband and I when we’re going to have a baby. Our response is always the same when God says so. I really do mean that, but just in case God says so, I hope it’s before I am 40.  Thank you, Jesus. AMEN.
  6. Buy my dream home: More and more I can’t wait to purchase my dream home with hubby, IK.
  7. Get my dream home office: Have you ever seen a tiny house? Well, my dream office will be outside of my dream house in my dream backyard. A small enough space where I can work away from home but at home.
  8. Have a BIG cook-out: I would love to have my family and friends come over to my dream home for a good ole’ fashion cook-out with good food, drinks, company, music, and fun.
  9. Get organized: I am getting better at this. However, I have lots to learn when it comes to organizing my life.
  10. Write for one hour a day: No matter what day it is, I want to make it a habit of writing for at least one hour a day. Even if what I write is blah, blah, blah.
  11. Master a Morning routine: I would love to have a little me time morning routine before starting my day. I want to get up early to pray, read my bible, journal, and do yoga.
  12. Walk on the Brooklyn Bridge with my sister: I am not sure what year it was, my sister and I made plans to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge like a tourist. I want to do it, take pictures and then go eat at a nice spot.
  13. Go away with my sis: She wants to go away for her birthday I would love to go with her.
  14. Go to the ESSENCE Festival: I have been wanting to go to the ESSENCE festival since they started it over twenty years ago. However, I am always working. I can’t wait to the day where I can pack my bags and go.
  15. Live a life where my weekdays are better than my weekends. Yes, let me explain. Everyone loves their weekends. It’s time away from their hustle working. I want to love my work so much that it’s better or at least the same as my weekends. To fully appreciate this idea read Monday is a Mentality.
  16. Become a Full-time writer: I want to have the lifestyle of a writer. I want to be able to work for a magazine, write books, make a living from it, and blog about it all here on LADYIWRITES.
  17. Retire from my Day Job: Yes. Retirement from my 9-5.
  18. Write my first Novel: I already started. I want to complete it and get it published.
  19. Create a Journal: I am always buying journals. I want to create one.
  20. Learn to swim: Okay. I know it’s sad that I love water but can’t swim to save my life. Literally. I watched my mother learn one year and vowed that I would do it too. That had to be over 10 years ago.
  21. Become an Entrepreneur: I have a business idea twirling in my head. I just need to do a more research. Or just do it!
  22. Exercise routine: Besides my yoga in the mornings, I want to get in a habit to work out the heart three times a week, with an intense work-out.
  23. Get a slim tummy: I don’t need a six-pack, but I want to feel good in a two piece again.
  24. Go to Australia: My husband talked about going to Australia, I did some research and now I want to go too.
  25. Make 6 figures a year: I’m just saying!
  26. Learn how to make French Macrons: I had these colorful babies for the first time at BlogHer15 conference. I was in love. I want to learn how to make them so that I can have them anytime I want.
  27. See the Broadway play, Hamilton: There’s so much hype around this show, that the tickets are expensive. However, I did see “In the Heights” by the same producer, so I know this show is one I gotta see.
  28. Get a new wardrobe: I am not big on clothes shopping.  I wish I can snap my fingers and I have a closet filled with cute, sexy and comfortable wear.I have been saying that one day I would go on a shopping spree and just buy a whole wardrobe.
  29. Go on a Road-trip with Hubby: I’ve been on road trips but never with my husband. We usually fly. I want to take a road trip to a restaurant I’ve heard about on the food network.
  30. Do Karaoke: I can see doing this with my girls. Dancing and singing off-key, before strangers. Yes, I am scared.
  31. Learn how to do my own makeup: I do my own makeup now. However, I want to learn how to “beat” my face, as the makeup artist say. I just want to look fabulous in pictures not like I have a white powder on my face.
  32. Eat a delicious Lobster Roll: I want this!
  33. Volunteer at a soup kitchen around the holidays: During the holidays I usually am worried about my family and friends. I just want to take one year and worry about the less unfortunate.
  34. Get a higher Credit score: My credit is not bad, but I want to make it better.
  35. Have a picnic: I want the whole works; a picnic basket filled with fried chicken, fruit, and potato salad. I want to lay out a blanket and lay on my husband’s chest while watching the view.
  36. Go to a drive-in movie: They still have these around. I just got to find the right movie and the perfect weather.
  37. Get into photography: Last year I bought a camera. I had no idea that I would need so much guidance. I do. So I want to take a few classes.
  38. Make my first Million Dollars: Yes, it made it back on my list. Why not?
  39. Create My 50/50 Bucket List: Make it more daring, than my 40/40 Bucket List.
  40. Be Fearless: I want to live my life, that when fear comes up it does not stop me from doing what I want.
  • Kristin Kimble

    LOVE THE LIST! And I am praying you are able to accomplish every single one of them! And would love for you to visit my church if you are in the Maryland/DC area!

    • Thanks Kristin, I pray the same. Thank you for reading and the invite. Unfortunately I’m in New York.

  • Kjoywrites

    I love this list. I write an hour a day and now I’m reading an hour a day. Definitely goals I set out to achieve.

    • I didn’t even think about the reading an hour a day. That’s going on my list, thanks for the suggestion and keeping up with my blog.

  • Kjoywrites

    Oh yes, you don’t look 38 either. I have to catch up on the posts.

  • Ava Griffith

    I don’t think I ever consciously gave much thought to a bucket list, but while reading yours I realized a bucket list would be confirmation of my faith in possibilities and a commitment to not becoming stagnant.

    • I’m glad that I encouraged you to take a leap of faith. Let me tell you some of these things on my list only made it because of faith. But now I have something that I can look back on and say this is what I’m striving for. Enjoy the process. Enjoy your bucket list.

  • Kirsten

    I have a bucket list in my head, I am going to get it written down, thanks for inspiring me to get it done. Your list is great. Sounds like you will be having a lot of fun! #BLMGirl

    • Hey Kirsten, I’m glad that you’re motivated to write that list. If you do it on you blog I would love to see it. The good thing about it is, it will give you content to write about. My plan is write about every experience in a blog post. It will also motivate you to get things done when others know about them. Thanks for reading, and your comments.

      • Kirsten

        Great idea and I am going to do that I will share the link with you when done. Thanks for adding 50 content ideas for me. My list will be 50+ Bucket List 🙂

  • I think this is an AMAZING list. I’m on the other side of 40 so the only advice I would give is to remember to be kind to yourself! Good luck! #‎BLMGirl‬

    • Thanks theblerdgurl! And yes I will remember to be kind to myself. Thank you for the reminder. 😉

  • LOVE your bucket list! You just reminded me to revisit my bucket list. I SOOOO want to try a lobster roll too. #BLMgirl


    • Hey Siobhan! Thank you for stopping by. Yes, Bucket list serves somewhat like a vision board but instead just a list. And every once in awhile we have to check it, to see that you are doing what matters to you. Thanks for all of your support. Hopefully we both can get that lobster roll real soon. If you find a good spot before I do, let me know.

  • This is a great list. Which one will you tackle first? Are there any more important than others?

    • Hi Reginia. It’s funny you ask which one I will tackle first. I feel like I have to do some of these things simultaneously. However, I have been trying to get up earlier so I can pray. I just have to actually get out of the bed now. Because I find myself praying back to sleep. lol. My home office has started when my husband decided to purchase a writing desk for me, (check it out on instagram). The chair is on it’s way and so by the time I have everything comes together, hopefully I will have a room in our new house to put everything. See how somethings on this list works hand and hand? If I had to say one thing was the most important on this list it would be #3. Reading my word and making time for praying.