The Difference Between a Dream Differed & a Dream Come True is a Plan

I remember reading “Harlem,” by Langston Hughes in elementary school. I soaked up the imagery of a dream dying. It was the first time anyone told me that my dreams can wither. I was a little girl, often told I can do or be anything. At the time I was not sure what that was. However, I knew I didn’t want my dreams to ever give off a stench of rotten meat, or a festering sore as described by Mr. Hughes. The vivid image of a dream differed was enough for my young mind to conclude that I should never give up on my dreams.

Ironically, my dreams took a detour. However, there were times when Mr. Hughes words and my teacher’s voice would replay in my head. I would then asked the question, is it too late? Did my dreams die? Did it festered? I would find myself trying to revive my dream.

One day my husband IK, asked me “what’s the plan?” I’ll admit at first the question irritated me. I was a writer. The plan was to write. Soon I realized, I needed a better plan, if I wanted to write professionally.  I needed to think about, what I wanted to write? Who I wanted to write for? Etcetera.


I thought about why I wanted to become a writer. I needed to know this, for when times would get hard. The purpose of me becoming a writer, is because I love writing. The purpose of me becoming a professional writer, is to make a living doing the what I love.


I set goals. The creative person in me can see me writing books, blogs, articles, even a TV show. I narrowed it down. Since people always check your platform before they take you seriously, I decided that blogging would be a great place to start.


I set dates. This was an important step I took when I decided to relaunch my blog. Setting a specific date forced me to get things done. I went a step further and posted the date everywhere on social media, so I would be less reluctant to change the date.


I worked my butt off.


I kicked FEAR in the butt. You know it’s coming. As soon as you go for your dreams, there would be distractions, negative thoughts, etc. Just knock it out by doing the work.

The difference between a dream differed and a dream come true is a plan. So let’s start planning.

Want to join me?

In the comment section below add…

  1. Your dream
  2. Three things you plan on doing this year to help you achieve your dream.
  3. Add your Twitter handle. I promise to follow.

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Become A Professional Blogger: A blogger who makes a living from blogging.


  1. Make a daily routine. I hear most successful people have a routine. I want my routine to include, reading the bible, praying, writing in my journal, and exercise. Starting 10.1.15.
  2. Make money from my blog. Ugh. Talk about kicking fear in the butt. I have no idea how to do this. Yet, I am excited to start making money. I would like to see money come from my blog by my birthday 12.18.2015.
  3. Get an office. Every writer craves their own working space, (wink, wink, hubby). Stephen King described the best place as an humble space with a door.

That’s my list. I will keep you informed via the blog and tweets. You can keep me inform with twitter make sure to hashtag your story at I AM A #DreamerWithPlans. Let’s get started, I look forward to cheering you on, #DreamerWithPlans.


  • Curvy CEO

    Lady you are challenging me! I have a lot of goals in different areas of my life – some more serious than others. Now you have me thinking about how to craft a plan. watch this space. I will be back *head nod*

    • Hey Curvy CEO, glad you’re here and I am super excited that you are ready for the challenge! I can’t wait to hear about your goals.

  • I love this challenge! It speaks so much to where I am now with writing and blogging. And girl! Talk about FEAR.

    Well I don’t mind joining you!

    My dream is to become a professional writer and blogger.

    Three things I plan on doing this year to achieve my dream is:

    1. Work on consistency. Set a schedule for posting on the blog and stick to it!

    2. Promote my skills by guest blogging.

    3. Increase my online presence via Twitter and Instagram.

    You can follow me at @AnekiaNicole!

    Great work!

    • I am super excited that you’re taking the challenge. I am following you on twitter. And I can’t wait to hear how you are getting those things done. I will be checking out your blog soon.

  • Shivawn Brimage

    Man… The fact that this post and my latest post almost compliment each other is amazing… I love how you broke it down for us and explained your purpose and the steps taken after discovering your purpose. So here I go
    1. My dream is to create a location independent work life for myself. I enjoy blogging and motivating/pushing people into their purpose. I know I can do that from anywhere in the world.

    2. I have already started blogging (1)… Position myself to be a person that people reach out to for coaching and motivation by opening up my scheduled outside of my 9-5 so I can be able to develop and expand my skill (2)… Focus on MY purpose and invest in myself to becoming a BOSS in this area (3)

    3. Twitter Handle (@buttacup76)

    • Hey Shivawn, Thanks for participating in being a #DreamerWithPlans for 2015. Let’s do it! I am looking forward to to cheering you on as you get things done. Please don’t forget to follow me on twitter. I will keep you guys posted of things I am learning as I push towards my dreams.

  • Kris Kimble

    This was such a wonderful article! I was actually a journalism major in college, had dreams of being a write for JET magazine!! LOL….but i changed majors my freshmen year to something COMPLETELY different. But now I am falling back in love with writing again and it is truly my passion! Thanks for your encouragement! Let’s get it done!
    1)My dream: To write full time on relationships and for various magazines as a freelancer

    2)Three things you plan on doing this year to help you achieve your dream: 1) Writing consistently 2) shopping my blogs and articles to various sites and magazines at least once a week 3) Increase my followers to at least 350 by end of the year on all social media sites!
    3)Twitter: @datingminister

    • Wow Kris. I am so impressed with your goals and can’t wait to see them in action! I’m going to follow you on Twitter now. For every achievement post Iam a #dreamerwithplans also check that hashtag to be inspired. Thanks for sharing your dreams and plans with us.

    • Hey Kris. Thank you for reading and I am glad that you’re inspired. You wanted to write for JET, I wanted to write for ESSENCE! I am very impressed by your dreams and goals. I can’t wait to see your dreams come true. I look for you on twitter and how you’re are accomplishing your goals at #dreamerwithplans.

  • This is soooo good, I am realizing I can do so much more and be more effective by planning. Having no plan will get you going in circles instead of progressing! I love your writings and looking forward to reading more! I love your blog!

    • Hey Cicely, thanks for your kind words. Yes, planning is a big part of getting things done. Thanks for visiting I appreciate it.