The First Lady, Michelle Obama DNC Speech Was More Than Words It Was Emotions

Did you guys hear our First Lady’s Speech?

I want to talk about it. Because it did something I hope I do when I write. It evoked emotions. The First Lady Michelle Obama spoke at the Democratic National Committee. She told her American story in such a dynamic way. It provoked tears from some and questions from others. If you have not heard it yet, you should.

Her speech was eloquent. Her message, clear. The United States of America is great, “The greatest country in the world,” she said. Reminding us that we are a country that’s always progressing. “I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves,” she said. She paused. And the audience clapped and their voices roared.

Then, I took a deep breath.

Emotions swept through me as I thought about what her statement means. Others took to social media with their thoughts and feelings. Some say they cried. Some acknowledge her gift to speak.  While others challenged her message.

Now, I always say I want to create a better life with my words, or at least start intriguing conversations. So I could not ignore that the First Lady’s speech was a brilliant example of both.

She sort after a better life for the future of this country. As she asked her audience to elect a leader who’s able to lead a country that’s always changing and growing.

And there’s no doubt she awakened feelings after her mention of slaves who built the White House. For me, it was a reminder that hope is not a failed action. Despite what is going on today, we are not where we use to be.  And love for humanity is what fuels our country. Even when challenged by hate.

Other’s felt another intense feeling. Some people would have wished she had not mentioned slavery at all.

But she did. And it ignited an important dialogue about our American history. One that is often not talked about in mainstream, because it’s so uncomfortable for so many.

No matter what you thought of the First Lady’s Speech. One thing I think we all can agree on is her words induced unexpected feelings from us. And I am impressed for many reasons.

However, I mention her speech today because it reminded me of the magic of writing. Writer’s have the power to make you feel, think and react. And a well-written piece can change your life. It can start important conversations. This speech reminded me how important it’s to not just write, but to make people feel.


Photo Credit: Picture is snapshot of youtube video



  • Kristin Kimble

    Yes! Her speech was AMAZING! She spoke as a woman, African American, a mother, and a wife. She pulled on the mental and heart strings. Definitely aspire for my writings to do just that as well!

    • Yeah, she did an amazing job. I wonder if she will do more speaking engagements in the future.

  • You’re articulating what I saw on my TL as the FLOTUS gave her speech. When something is well-written it can take you all kinds of places. Good job.