The Truth About Myleik & Her Amazing MYTAUGHTYOU Brand

The first podcast Myleik Teele did on December 26th 2011, was out of a need. Her twitter followers loved her tweets about business and personal growth. And they needed more than 140 characters to soak up the wisdom. So they encouraged her to give advice on a podcast. She did.

Then podcasts weren’t as popular. And Myleik had no idea her gift would make her podcast one of the most popular, amongst the millennials. Let alone with people from her generation, a.k.a, me.

I can’t remember when I started listening to the MY TAUGHT YOU podcast. But I believe it was sometime last year.Around the time I learned of her curlBOX business. I started listening from her latest episode. And I’ve not stopped looking for them on a weekly basis. Although she only spews them out when she’s feeling passionate about something.

For the most part, I listen to her podcast on my way home from work. I shake my head in agreement to her no-nonsense advice. And usually, I am content with my dose of “girl power” for the week. But it was a particular episode that left me feeling a way. Her advice to a woman about getting things done left me in my feelings. After I got over the initial sting, I decided her words of wisdom was something everyone needed to hear. And I wrote,“How to Get Things Done.

I sent the blog post link to her. She read it. Like it. And before I knew it she sent me a thank you gift of her latest projects.

The Podcast Companion Worksheets.

They’re not like the notes transcribed, you get from most podcasts. This is different. You have to do some work. You have to answer some serious questions that make you think about life. And what you want from it. And I got all three. Maintaining momentum, landing your dream job, and a business approach to dating and relationships.

The dating worksheet didn’t get my attention. And that’s because I am not dating. And landing the dream job, although it peaked my interest, as I am trying to become a full-time writer. It didn’t grab my attention like the words “maintaining momentum.”

“Everyone wants to know, how do I keep my balls in the air?” - @Myleik said. Click To Tweet

Myleik says that the momentum worksheet is the most popular. And I can see why. Who doesn’t need it? Whether you’re trying to land or keep your dream job. Looking for love. Or if you’re like me, a creative with a full-time job and other responsibilities. Juggling life can get wearisome. And learning how to maintain momentum becomes important. “Everyone wants to know, how do I keep my balls in the air?” Myleik said.

Her solution is having a “virtual accountability partner.” A name she came up for her worksheets. It’s fitting since she has become a virtual mentor to so many.

Now, to be honest. There’s the familiar “vision board” project that’s a part of the worksheet. And when I saw “vision board,” my first thought was there’s nothing new about that. However, Myleik does put her own spin on things. And let’s just say, I have a new way of thinking about vision boards that are more intentional.

After reading the momentum worksheet, I am convinced you will start to do a lot of things with more intent. And if you procrastinate. Myleik suggests doing the worksheets over and over. It will help “exercise your get things done muscle,”she said.

Picture finishing a worksheet within a few days, or weeks. Then you go back to that same worksheet three months from now and look at your answers. You do the worksheet over to see if anything changed. If not, ask yourself why? Did you “take action?” If not, why not? And how long are you willing to look at the same progress? The hope is you won’t want to keep looking at the same results. You would want to do better.

I know I want to do better. Don’t you? I have my worksheets and I am taking lots of notes.

So, what’s next for the MY TAUGHT YOU brand? She has a podcast, journals, and now the worksheets. But for some reason, I feel like she’s just getting started. And when I asked her what’s next, she said she is working on her third journal. The plan is for it to come out next year. And she’s considering adding an app for a private online group. The group will be only for those who purchased the latest journal. Not only will Myleik be a part of the group. But it will be a place where people can talk throughout the year about the things they have going on. And ways to keep up the momentum. If that’s something you’re interested in, let Myleik know. Send her a tweet, saying you can’t wait to get your copy of her next journal / app. I know I can’t.

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MY TAUGHT YOU The Podcast Companion Worksheets $3.99 each at the MY TAUGHT YOU store
Photo provided by Myleik Teele