How I Went from Aspiring Writer To Writer

Young. Vibrant. Passionate. I set out to create an online magazine. This was before the concept of a blog or blogger existed. I took lessons from Hunter College as a Journalist and Media Studies Major and created a medium that made me proud.

Then”life” happened. I listened to the voices that said it was time to become a responsible adult: a person with a steady job, with health benefits. While I became responsible, my desire to write decreased. Embarrassed when someone discovered a “writer” was among them. I would cringed. Often I would correct them saying, “I aspire to write.”


Those who knew me encouraged me to write again. Eventually, I started a blog. I did what I thought was the norm, but I was failing at my new platform. I had no idea to what extent, then I wrote, “I am just a blogger trying to find my voice.” Wait-a-minute. When did I loose it? I was in a world filled with youngsters who used their voice everyday. Yet I was in my thirties, college educated, independent, and looking for mine. I no longer was the writer I once knew. Many times it felt like I was in school again and I was not at the table with the cool kids.


Writing can be therapeutic, relaxing even. But the writer in me wants to write to create. Click To Tweet


Frustrated. I picked up a book and a pen. I didn’t know what to write. So I wrote about not knowing. Sometimes it made sense. Most times it didn’t. What stayed consistent was my practice of Free Writing: writing whatever came to mind with-out editing. Soon I wrote all the time. 10 minutes, 10 words, meaningful or not, I would write.


Up to this point my writing had been therapeutic. One day I introduced myself as “Iris Kirkland, a Writer.” The sudden stares scared me. The smiles that suggested people had questions, made me nervous. I didn’t know what to tell them. It wasn’t like I had written a book, or worked for some fancy magazine. Yet, the urge came and I told a room full of strangers that I – was – a – writer. Once I said it, I wanted to pack my things and go. I didn’t. Instead, I realized while I enjoyed Free Writing, it wasn’t sufficient for the writer in me. I wanted to produce creative works that I am proud of.


I began writing.

Photo Credit: Ava Griffith

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  • Daphne Charles-Brown

    That’s beautiful and you are a wonderful writer

    • Awe. Thank you Daphne. I appreciate your kind words.

  • Kenya

    Hi Iris! When I first introduced myself as a writer, I hadn’t been published either. I felt like a fraud but I knew in my heart that’s what I intended to do. It’s really all about self-validation. Happy to see you back!

    • Hey Kenya. That’s exactly the way I felt. Thanks for reading.

  • Candice Purdie

    I’m supposed to working, and I’m reading. I’m so super happy and proud of LadyI. I totally understand, having a love for something, and not sure which way to go…but being able to push through and end up with something that is loved by both you and the masses….I pray for your MEGA success, and your ability to perservere….Super Excited,🎈 🎈🎈

    • Thank you Candice. I appreciate you visiting my site today, even when you’re suppose to be working. Shhh. I won’t tell anyone. I pray that you can push through the thing you need to push through. Thanks for showing me love.

  • Curvy CEO

    You know, I graduated from college 15 years ago and even though I love my “practical” career (most of the time *giggle*) I definitely do wonder what might have happened if I’d followed my creative urgings as a youngster. Through blogging and now personal styling, I’m realizing those things that I’ve always gravitated towards…truth, beauty, and so on. Just a few weeks back someone from my past reached out and asked me, “Are you still writing?” Because of my blog I was able to answer “YES!”

    • I am still learning that we are where we suppose to be, Curvy CEO. But it does not mean that I don’t sometimes wish I was further along in my writing career. Keep writing lady.

  • Shawn Richards

    Like you, I too am just now starting to come to grips with what God has created in me. Not that I’m a writer (that much is obvious…), but that I’m so good at it. *shrugs* Who knew. But am I worthy?
    (God doesn’t make mistakes…)

    Sincerely yours,

    The Voices 😉

    • Hey Mr. Richards (non-writer) lol. You’re too funny. Yes it is a great feeling to learn God invested in you talent. No He doesn’t make mistakes. Every journey is on purpose. Enjoy your the writer in you. Thanks for reading and sharing.