Three things I did After Reading “You Are A Badass” By Jen Sincero

By now you should know when I mention a book, it’s because I liked it. And most of the time I’ve gained something of value from it. It may have tickled my funny bone, inspired me, made me think, and or take action. And without saying it, it’s clear that I am saying, you should pick up a copy and read it too. With that said, “You Are A Badass,” by Jen Sincero made it to my 2017 book list, and has given me a few valuables worth sharing. So here’s what I’ve learned and did after reading, that I am a “badass.”

I Started Meditating for 5 Minutes a Day…

Although I’ve heard meditation can be rewarding, I never did it. It almost seems like an intimate activity that people have a hard time explaining. When they’re asked, how do they meditate? They would say, “well, there’s no right or wrong way to do it, ” followed by vague details. But that wasn’t the case with Sincero. In Chapter 10: Meditation 101, she didn’t hesitate to educate. She explained the definition, benefits, resources, and different ways to get started.
“That’s it?” I thought as I read through the bullet list of suggestions. The next morning I added 5 minutes of meditation to my ritual. At first, I focused on my natural breathing pattern. When I realized I took very short breaths, I thought, that can’t be good. So I began to concentrate on breathing deep and exhaling slow.


Then I Wrote A Personal Manifesto…

In your pursuit of being a “badass” it helps to write down a personal declaration. This will take sometime to do right. But once you do it, it’s worth being able to read back to yourself affirmations that you’re awesome. And according to Sincero, you need to drown yourself in them. So I did, after reading this book. I typed it, and kept it, as a reminder that I have everything I need to live the life I want. And actually, I already have the life I want. I’ve been reading it every day, and these words make me feel like “badassery” is all in my blood.


Which Lead Me to Feel Like a “Badass”…

I do feel more confident, secure, and ready to take over the world, after reading how to get what I want in life. It helped that this book had more than encouraging words. It had things one can do and laws to live by as a guide. As I began to take action and apply my faith, my badassery became evident. In other words, I am feeling pretty inexorable right now.
Have you read “You Are A Badass” yet? What did you think? And more important what did you do after you read it?
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