What Do You Want In Life? Answer That Without Being Materialistic

The other night I decided to work on my Momentum Worksheet by Myliek Teele. You know the worksheet I talked about weeks ago? I said it will have you thinking intentional? Yes, that one. Anway, I decided to have me-time and answer some of the questions. And before I knew it, the night was over and I’d spent it thinking about what I want in life.

I took a minute to think about one of the questions. “How do I want to feel when I achieve my goals: successful, happy, peaceful and / or content?” I realized I want to feel those things. But I also realized my goals wasn’t going to make it happen. Or maybe they would. But it’s almost guaranteed happiness based on tangible things would be temporary. I guess I can chase goals all my life for my happiness. But I knew that wasn’t the answer either.

In fact, I knew there’s nothing or anyone responsible for my happiness. I was responsible for that. And I should not rely on outside influences to make sure I am happy. But how does that look?

This moment of self-reflection made me wonder what do I want in life? And before I could make a routine list of things and people. It was like God stopped me in my tracks. And I stopped being materialistic. Once I did, things began to get real, real fast. There’s something refreshing about the answer when it does not include external pleasures.

After meditation, I had an assurance of what made me happy. It does not matter what I have or don’t. Who likes me or not. Happiness comes from being okay with me. Knowing who I am, flaws and all and still I can stand in the comfort of my own skin.

I came up with three questions. Each one I answered without including material things. And I thought, what if more people would do this? What if more people would find their happy place without things or other people? So you know I had to share my questions with you. I even dared to share my answers too. If you decided to answer these questions, don’t be shy tell me how it worked for you.


What do I want in life?

I want to get to know myself. My truth. My beliefs. Where am I strong? And where I am weak? What I find comfort in and what I fear? I want to accept those things about myself. The good, the bad, and even those things I am confused about. I want to accept when those things about me change. When I find new truths, beliefs, strengths. When I worked on my weakness and fears, only to find something else that takes me out of my comfort zone. I guess what I am saying is, I want to acknowledge every part of me and still be able to stand in my anointing. I want to always know who I am, and be okay with that.

What do I want to do in life?

I want to live: I want to wake up every morning with the mindset to experience the life God has given me. And not limited it to fear, confusion, doubt or shame or past mistakes. Instead, I want to stand in my truth, beliefs, and strengths. And to work on my fears and doubts. And live without hesitation.

How do I plan on accomplishing those things I want to do?

I decided to stay aware of who I am and what I want in life.

  1. With self-evaluation.
  2. And staying honest with myself.

To continue to evolve into the best I can be.

  1. By doing the work.
    1. Taking on things that make me uncomfortable.
    2. And continuing to seek knowledge and truth about life and about myself.
  2. And experience the life God given me.
    1. By being there for the people God has given me.
    2. And acting on the creativity He placed in me.


Photo Credit: www.createherstock.com