What Happened to Sunday Dinner?

I remember when we would go to church and afterward to Ms. Gladys’s house for dinner. My cousins, friends and I would play in one room. The adults in another talking about God knows what. I am not sure because we couldn’t sit in their face soaking up all the gossip. But when it was time to eat, everyone came together. We said grace. Then digged into the southern cuisine.

Sundays were special. And it wasn’t because we didn’t have to go to school. Or because we happened to get out of church early that day, to see the sunshine. It was special because we nurtured each other with love, food, and the comfort of good company. I am not sure if Ms. Gladys knew how much she ministered to us then. May she rest in peace. But it’s something to have your family come together to love on one another. For no other reason than because we can.

Recently my sister reached out to the family and said, “Sunday dinner at my place.” Excited. We all went back and forth texting about who was going to bring what and what time we should gather. Some were wondering what was the special occasion. My mother kept asking my sister what’s the announcement. She acted as if Sunday dinner was supposed to come with a life changing statement. Who can blame her? Without notice, our Sunday dinners had vanished.

But there were no announcements. Instead, we said our grace. And digged in.

My sister’s studio smelled of all kinds of goodness. The walls vibrated from all the laughter. And when that stopped there was a humming noise. The buzz of adults in their corners talking about God knows what. Little ones prancing around with bright smiles. And when we played our version of Family-Feud a sudden roar of our voices and hands clapping filled the room. Until someone said, “Y’all going to get Ms. Irene put out.”

It reminded me of Sunday dinner at Ms. Gladys’s. But this was “Sunday Dinner at Ms. Irene’s,” my cousin said with a smile. With a similar vibe. Good times with good people nurtured by good food. And it reminded me the importance of having family moments like Sunday dinner.

Thank you, Ms. Irene.

  • Ava Griffith

    Faith – Family – Fun! Perfect combination.