Why I am Grateful I Didn’t Post, 30 Things Bloggers Are Grateful For

The initial title of this post was, “30 Things Bloggers Are Grateful For.” I posted the question on social media, attention to bloggers… “What are you grateful for?” I received a several answers. However, most of them was similar. Bloggers mostly are grateful to have a platform where they can share their thoughts, be a part of a community,  connect with people, and gain opportunities.

It seemed like the perfect post. I gained more confidence about the topic after bloggers like Salilo Ma’o of LIFEMEETSALILO.com  and Anekia Nicole of ANEKIANICOLE.com said I had a great idea.

As soon as I gathered all my research, I began to write. A blog post, which started out to incorporate the spirit of thanksgiving and gratitude, soon felt like one big cliché. Boring.  

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I freaked out!

I don’t want to write cookie cutter piece. Inspired by the idea of a post going viral. When I came up with the idea, a part of me knew that if no one else would appreciate the topic my blogger friends would.  Just in case you didn’t know, that’s a large community. For a second I was tempted to cash in on that. I thought about even taking the easy way out and writing a list of the bloggers names, their site, and what they’re grateful for.  Then I asked myself, is that something I would want to read? Do my loyal readers want to read it? Probably not.

Before I knew it I was biting at my lip, watching the time slip quickly from me. All I can think of, was I needed to get creative, write from the heart and write something that I would want to read. All while thinking of the deadline I gave myself and others like Toiia Rukuni of MOTHEROFTHEWORLD.net who expressed excitement about reading my post.

I write best when I am writing from the heart. Click To Tweet

That’s when the title, “Why I am Grateful I Didn’t Post,  30 Things Bloggers Are Grateful For” came to mind. Here’s why…

For starters, I write best when I am writing from the heart. When I start writing pieces that I think people want to read, I struggle.

Also, it’s great when your post have what we call a “theme” as long as it does not cost you your creativity. Like when I wrote about Breast Cancer Awareness titled, “What if It’s Cancer?” It was a perfect theme post that had my readers captivated. I had family members who I did not know read my blog, calling me after that one. It’s my most popular post as of today.

Which leads me to something I noticed this week after I finally caught up on the Zola story and how she captivated the world with her narrative in 158 tweets. People respond to an authentic voice. It’s easy to fall in-line with the information out there that shows you “how to make a blog post,” but sometimes you can consume so much of the “how to’s” that you lose your own creative voice.

I am sure I will get a side eye or two from those who expected this post to be a little different. However, I had to go with my heart. There’s nothing better than doing what flows naturally and coming away proud of your work. Tiffani Greenway of MOMMYVENTS.com said it best when she said,  ” I am grateful for the feeling I get when I know I’ve written some real good isht.”



  • Ava Griffith

    Authenticity at its best. Great read and great lesson on navigating life’s glitches.

    • Thanks Ava. I am glad you was able to get something from this post.

  • Tiffani G.

    This was great. We see so much of the same thing that’s it’s cool to see someone step out of the box.

    • Thanks Tiffani I am glad you took the time to read.

  • iluv2globetrot

    Haha, loved this.I recently started a gratitude journal that I write in daily for myself only. It’s important to keep it real no matter if you have 1 reader of 100K.

    • I am glad you loved it. iluv2globetrot. I thought about doing a gratitude journal myself. Is it rewarding?

  • I was also gonna do a corny “30 Days Of Gratefulness” series but canned it for similar reasons. So I completely understand where you’re coming from! It’s hard not to get caught up in the cliche blog topics and posts. I enjoy visiting your blog and I enjoy reading what you have laid on your hear to share. So girl, don’t settle for the likes, quality over quantity!

    • Anekia I am grateful you didn’t either. lol. But seriously let’s stick with writing from the place that flows instead of struggle. It just makes for better writing.