Why You Need Me-Time & How To Create it?

I love my me-time. Although, after getting into a serious relationship I found it harder to take a few hours to myself.

It felt like I always had to be available to someone. I needed to be available to the boyfriend because we were developing something. And it was nice, to finally find love and do the things lovers do, like spend lots of time together. Learning each other and all that good stuff. But when I lift my head from the love-bird nest, my family and friends were there to remind me they needed love too. So I would make time for that.

I didn’t even realize I was not having my traditional me-time moments anymore. Where I would cut my phone off, put my feet up and read a good book for hours. I wasn’t going to my favorite restaurants alone anymore. And it’s been ages since I took myself to the movies.

I had no time for me anymore. And when I even tried to have it. I would often receive strange stares from those who didn’t get it. Doing something alone when you have someone to do it with, just don’t make sense to everyone.

But it always made sense to me. In fact, it has been one of those things I do, to just think. To clear my head. To release stress. Or just to find a little pleasure in life. Trust me I love being with my family and friends. And the boyfriend that’s now husband IK, has always been a pleasure to be around.

But nothing is a substitute for time well spent alone. Something we often overlook in our efforts to be there for everyone else. Or to focus on our careers.

It was after I got married, I realized how much I missed having me-time. And dare I say, need it. Click To Tweet

Now, I don’t want to get into the habit of telling you what you need. But I am almost certain time alone is not only good for my soul. There are plenty of benefits to this rare thing call me-time. I’ve gotten the chance to clear my thoughts. To treat myself to something I don’t get often. And just relax.

There’s an article published in 2011 in “Women’s Day,” but it’s still relevant. They list eight benefits to having alone time. The one thing that stood out to me was using me-time to get things done. Not as in work. But maybe to check some things off your bucket list.

I know for those who are busy taking over the world me-time seems like a luxury. But I beg the differ. I’ve heard too many times of people doing self-care after their bodies fall ill. Some think, it’s important to hustle hard at all cost. And they find themselves in their sick beds trying to answer emails.

But, why wait until you’re forced to take time for yourself? Why not train yourself to take me-time as an essential part of your healthy lifestyle?

First, you’re going to have to schedule the time.

Just like any other important appointment in your life. Pencil yourself in. Your me-time can be 5 minutes or a day. If you can handle it. Every day or once a week. Even once a month is better than nothing.

Next, you need to commit to doing it.

Don’t get distracted with things you can do with this time. Remember you are just as important as those things. To make it a little easier for those who love to have control. Write down a list of things you would love to do if you had the time to do it. If you see the things in black and white, it may help you to see how important it’s to do.

It can be something as simple as…

Taking a nap in the middle of the day. Binge watch your favorite show on Netflix. Color. Write. Read. Pray. Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant. Take a walk or drive and go sightseeing. It’s great around this time of year, especially if you live in New York. The trees are changing colors and, well you get what I mean.

My me-time can’t compare to the me-times I had as a bachelorette.

And I can imagine if I have children how precious and rare me-time will become. But I know if I want to take over the world. While caring for my loved ones I am going to have to be healthy, (mind and body) to do so. So I write this in the comfort of my home, with my feet up. Sipping on a cup of hot tea. While thinking about what to do next for me.

Photo Credit: I took this shot with a regular shoot camera.