Writer Dialogue: What Are You Writing?

Me: (Humming. Tapping pen against paper. Writing.)

Man: What are you doing?

Me: Writing.

Man: Writing What?

Me: Stuff for my blog.

Man: So, What’s the topic?

Me:  (Thinking to myself.) “Why?”

Man: Anything special?

Me: It’s my about page.

Man: About?

Me: (Roll my eyes) Yes.

Man: To talk about yourself?

Me: Yeah. And the blog. To explain what it’s all about.

Man: (Nod his head) Oh. Okay.

Me: (I thought to myself) “Haven’t we’ve been through this before?”



You just read my series called, The Writer’s Dialogue. Where conversation between the writer (that’s me), and others are captured in everyday life. Even the unspoken words.


  • Ava Griffith

    . . . and if you’ve ever encountered or intimately interacted with the “other” half of our species, you’ve got the key to unlocking the very complex conversation about. Lol.
    Men – Gotta love them!

    • Lady I

      Hey Ava. Thanks for reading. You summed it up perfect. The conversation can be so complex. LoL.