Yes I Took The Day Off To Hang With My Lil-Sis

“Okay, Mrs. Kirkland. I see you tomorrow?”

“Uhm. No.”

“What do you mean no?” My supervisor said looking at his watch. I smiled.

“I took off tomorrow,” I said.

He looked confused.

“You changed your days off?” He said.

“No, I took the day off. Can’t I just take a day off?” I said. I smiled again.

He smiled and nodded his head as if to say, I guess you can.

And that was the start of my guilt-free day off to hang out with my sister.

About a week ago I talked about the things I do to get out of the Funk. You should read it if you haven’t already. You never know what you might find to help you get in a good mood.  Anyway, one thing on my list was to take a day off with no guilt. It is usually to have a little Me-time but this time it was all about my Lil-sis. She wanted to do something big for her birthday this year. Like tropical island, sand between your toes and ocean type big. So, we decided to hang out and plan her birthday. I requested Saturday off to have a little quality time.

Yeah, I know. It’s sad and a whole other topic for conversation, that I actually have to request weekends off. See, my weekends is Wednesdays, Thursdays. Which happens to be the worst days off in the week. I am not complaining. But you can see why requesting a day off is a guilt-free moment for me.

It was even less of a guilty pleasure because I took the time to love on my sis.

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